The BioCentiv Incubator Modules

Incubator - The Modules

Best conditions for your start

Whether you find yourself in the early R&D phase or are already doing routine laboratory work, the premises of this part of the BioInstrumentation Centre building offer you a high degree of flexible usage and individual design possibilities.

The rooms and areas can be combined with each other - according to your needs and the size of your company - without any problems and be rented out and rated individually.

Rental Prices

Assuming you rent 1 biochemistry laboratory
(50 m²) and 1 office (24 m²) then, including our services and the Centre Flat Rate for the shared use of the kitchen, toilets, changing room, conference rooms etc., you pay:

Laboratory 550 EUR/per month
(excluding additional costs)

Office 168 EUR/per month
(excluding additional costs)

Centre Flat Rate 89 EUR/month

807 EUR/month or 9.684 EUR/year
In the first 3 years after starting up, you can claim - if your company fulfills criteria for small and medium-sized enterprises - a grant of 10.000 EUR per year towards your rental costs.

The yearly rent (excluding additional costs) can therefore be reduced to zero.