The BioCentiv Incubator Infrastructure

Incubator - Infrastructure

Optimal conditions for your start
Flexible area concepts
  • a total of 2.500 m² biochemistry and physics laboratory space (each approx. 50 m²) including laboratory furnishings
  • a total of 500 m² office space
  • a total of 200 m² storage space
  • 59 underground garage parking spaces
  • changing rooms, toilets, kitchen

A range of media suited to your demands
  • 4 types of centrally provided gases
    (argon, helium, nitrogen, carbon dioxide)
  • compressed air
  • vacuum
  • refrigeration
  • warm and cold running water
Complete in-house technical supply
  • rinsing and sterilisation rooms with 3 autoclaves
  • solvents store
  • acids and lye cabinet
  • elevator
  • security cabinet
  • ventilation plants including air-cooling
  • telephones and data network with fast internet access
  • franking machine
  • photocopiers