The BioCentiv Accelerator Modules

Accelerator - The Modules

Best conditions for growth and product launch

In July 2004 the second phase of construction were completed.

Since then we are able to fulfill the special requirements of fast growing biotechnology companies even better.

Fully designable production areas for the building up and running of pilot production or for the development of production technologies can be made available here by us. Over and above that, there are also large office areas which are more suited to theoretically applied research and development, as well as variable laboratory rooms with offices for your individual needs during the growth phase of your company.

Rental Prices

based on the following package example:

Assuming you rent
  • 100 m² laboratory area plus
  • 60 m² office area plus
  • 250 m² production area

then, including the Centre Flat Rate for the shared use of the corridors, kitchen, toilets, changing room and our services included,
you pay:

3.270 EUR rent per month
(excluding additional costs)

As we believe, a fair price for your company, made to order!