The BioCentiv Accelerator Infrastructure

Accelerator - Infrastructure

Optimal conditions for growth and product launch
  • a total of 800 m² laboratory space in rentable units of 100 m²
  • a total of 900 m² office space including data and archive room with part air-conditioning in rentable units of 60 - 150 m²
  • a total of 1.000 m² production area in rentable units as of 250 m²
  • chemical store and general storage space
  • changing rooms, toilets, kitchens, showers
  • extended autoclave capacity
  • the same range of media suited to your demands as in the Incubator
  • telephones and data network with fast internet access
  • technical floor for the construction of supply plants necessary for your individual needs
    (e.g.: water and sewage purification, additional ventilation)
Equipment per 100 m² laboratory unit
  • 1 acids and lye cabinet
  • 1 accessible flue
  • 2 further flues
  • 1 gas safety cabinet
    (inc. mains for special gases)
  • ventilation plants
  • partly furnished
  • media installation also in laboratory furniture
  • elevator